Villa Aldora

Villa Aldora is located just north of town, on the main beachfront road of Cozumel just south of the marina, Puerto Abrigo.

From there it is a simple walk into the main part of town.

Spanning 3 levels, the structure retains the Spanish Colonial essence while offering delightful views of the turquoise Caribbean from almost all rooms.

The central courtyard offers a great area for BBQs or outdoor parties to watch the sun set over the ocean.

Like most Cozumel beaches, the shore is black limestone with sand on top.

Water entry is by stairs, steps, or, if you can, a beautiful swan dive into the warm, clear water of the Caribbean. For beach pleasure there is a Mayan palapa and lots of mature coconut trees for shade…and plenty of sand.

At the water's edge, there is a 9 foot wall of coral, sponges and fish just like you would see on your dives with Aldora, just smaller.

With afternoon sun shining brightly, the shallow depth and your handy snorkel, you will see vivid colors seldom seen at depth--arguably the best snorkeling in Cozumel, just 40 feet from your front door.